PersonalWebKit is the only software you need to make a website.

  • PersonalWebKit is now completely free. We no longer sell the Registered version.
  • You can add or remove pages with a couple clicks. PersonalWebKit auto-links all your pages for you.
  • Change and customize your design with a few clicks.
  • SEO (Sökmotoroptimering) addon by Royal SEO.
  • Import, edit, and add effects to your digital camera photos.
  • Type and edit text as easily as in a word processor.
  • Import videos, music files, and office documents.
  • Upload your site to the web with one click*.
  • Windows® 98, XP, Vista.
  • PersonalWebKit is now a legacy product and is NOT designed for Windows 7

Designing Your Website
PersonalWebKit comes with several built-in design templates you can select and change even after you have built your site. Each template has many different banner backgrounds and text styles to choose from.PersonalWebKit comes with several templates from which you will base your design on. Each template comes with different colors, banner backgrounds, and text styles. Some templates even allow you to use one of your own digital photos as a banner background. You will add your own text to the banner background to make your own graphical banner at the top of your website.

Use your digital photos in your web pages.
The Picture Screen allows you to easily import your digital photos for editing and use in your website. No other software is necessary.By using our Pictures Screen, you can easily import and edit any photos or pictures for use in any web page within your site**. PersonalWebKit will copy the file to your Picture Library, resize, crop, and edit your photo as your desire.
You can even add effects to your photo. If the photo is too dark, you can brighten it. If you want to adjust the amount of red, green, or blue, you can do that. Blur, sharpen, inverse, diffuse, and solarize are other effects you may choose to liven up photos in your webpages.

Create Photo Galleries of your digital camera photos.
See how easy is it to build a Photo Gallery page in your website. Your digital camera photos will be copied, resized, and integrated into an attractive thumbnail gallery and display pages created for each photo.PersonalWebKit will take a folder of your favourite digital photos and create a tidy thumbnail gallery page in your website. Your website visitors can then select which display size photos they would like to see. It doesn't matter what kind of digital camera you have or what size the pictures are, our software will create copies resized specifically for your website design **.

Import Video & Music files into your website.
Import video, music, and office files into your website using the Media Library feature.Our software can will also let you import any video, music, or office files to share with your website visitors:

  • Videos you have saved from your digital camera.
  • MP3 music files.
  • Office documents such as MSWord docs or Acrobat PDF's.
  • Powerpoint presentations.
  • Computer files such a .ZIP or application installers.

Animated Quickstart Guide to get you started.
Click to see the Animated Quickstart Guide in a new window. This Quickstart Guide comes with the Help Files to get you started fast.PersonalWebKit is NOT for professionals. It's designed for anyone with basic computer skills who wants to start building a website in minutes instead of hours or days.
It's designed for the average computer user. It's easy! But to make it even easier, we have included an Animated Quickstart Guide to step you through the main features and get you building your website.

Automatically links any new page
Any page you create will be automatically linked in your website.PersonalWebKit will never ask you where to save your files, or what page links to what page. Instead, it will Auto-link your new pages into an attractive navigation section on the top left of your website.

Web Publish Feature
Publish your website to the web with the clikc of a button.All web design software works in pretty much the same way. You create all the web and graphics files on your own computer, then upload them to a web server using File Transfer Protocal (FTP).
PersonalWebKit has a built in Web Publish feature that uses FTP to transfer your website to your webspace once you have created it. Everytime you change or update your website, PersonalWebKit will publish the changes and updates with the click of a button.
You will need a webspace account to publish to, but most internet providers give you one as part of your service.

PersonalWebKit is FREE for the home user to build one website.
If you like our product and would like to build more websites, then you can purchase the full version. We do not ask for any personal information before you download the free version.

* Requires an FTP webspace account. Most internet providers supply webspace as part of your service.

** PersonalWebKit can utilize images in .JPG, .JPEG, .BMF, and .GIF format only. Most digital cameras save photos in .JPG format. If your camera saves in another proprietary format, then you may need to use conversion software to create copies in .JPG format. Consult your camera user guide and included software for instructions.

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